Delphi Study Information

The University of Stirling Delphi study tool is used to conduct online studies designed to allow a large number of people to reach consensus on a series of questions along a rating scale.

Delphi studies are conducted over a small number of rounds (three is usual) where participants are shown a graphical representation of the distribution of answers from the previous rounds and asked to reconsider their own answers.

The first round has rating scales that look something like this

In subsequent rounds, the same question is repeated but a heat map (which uses depth of colour to indicate frequency of response) is shown to indicate how many people chose each possible answer in the last round. Respondents are now invited to make another rating, possibly changing their mind in light of the responses from their peers.

The system automates all aspects of running the study including contacting the participants and calculating the results.




If you would like to find out more or collaborate with us on your own Delphi study, please email Edward Duncan at
To discuss the technical aspects of the tool, contact Kevin Swingler: